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  • $52.00

    Ideal for 78s, LPs and 16" radio transcriptions, the Disc Stabilizer Clamp adds .5 Kg to the rotating system and dampens the resonances of the disc being played. This eliminates disc slippage and the higher mass reduces flutter. It permits easier play of warped vinyl and is ideal for playing Hit-of-the-Weeks and similar vintage recordings. Unlike other...

  • $110.00

    Those who avidly collect recordings made prior to 1930 are probably already aware that records manufactured during this period were recorded at speeds ranging from around 60 to over 100 rpm. In spite of that knowledge, the sad fact remains that many of these collectors have never heard their early records played back at the right speeds. Granted, the...

  • $125.00

    Sorbothane pads are perfect for isolating your playback equipment from shocks, bumps and vibrations which could be transmitted through your stereo cabinet to the stylus. If you have wooden floors, loud speakers, rambunctious children or cats that like to jump up on top of your furniture, then Audioquest SorboGel Q-Feet are the answer. Designed for a...

  • $20.00

    Early cylinders with plaster or cardboard cores are often impossible to play, due to the gradual swelling of the core material. This cylinder reamer is designed to accurately and evenly ream out the cylinder enabling it to properly slide onto the phonograph mandrel. The reamer is nothing fancy, but it works. Please note that this reamer is not designed...

  • $749.00

    Balance, resonance, friction and the tangential relationship of the stylus to the groove are the fundamental factors that must be considered when evaluating a tonearm. The 10" Archival Transcription Arm excels in each of these areas, making it the ideal choice for archives, audiophiles and sound engineers. Quality gimbal assembly incorporates four sets...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items