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The Illustrated History of Recorded Sound (Volume 2)


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Michael Corenthal

Paperback, 8.5” x 11", 172 pp, w/b&w & color illustrations

It is hard to classify this book. Mr. Corenthal refers to it as Volume 2 of his Iconography of Recorded Sound, and it is similar to that book in a number of respects. The first section of the book contains brief one or two page vignettes of Mr. Mike's friends, clients and acquaintances; short commentaries on various publications, associations, dealer catalogs and recordings; and personal anecdotes and reminiscences from his years as a record and memorabilia dealer. I would say that this section appeals most to me, simply because I often find the various personalities involved with collecting more interesting than the records they collect. The second section of the book deals with record sleeves somewhat like the Iconography showcased interesting recordings. However, I find that the information presented on record sleeves is not very substantive, and many of the pictures are poorly reproduced. As a scrap book of interesting photos, the book succeeds. As a scholarly piece of research, it does not.


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