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Shure M-44 w/LP Stylus
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Shure 78rpm Stylus
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Rek-O-Kut Universal Turntable

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The incredibly versatile Rek-O-Kut Universal Turntable has 10 pre-set speeds, a +/- 20% pitch control, and a vertical/lateral switch all included at no additional charge. In fact, this machine will play virtually any disc record up to 14" in diameter, including Edison Diamond Discs. Recommended for both microgroove and 78 rpm recordings.

Order with the optional Transcribe Transcription Arm and you'll be able to play 16" radio transcription discs as well. The Transcribe Arm provides the proper balance, resonance, friction and tracking angle for playing all sizes of disc records up to 16" in diameter, making it a great choice for archives, audiophiles and sound engineers alike.

Unless you already have a cartridge and styli to use with your new Universal Turntable, you'll need to order them here. The Shure M-44 has been around for many years and is the "go to" stylus for many collectors and archivists. The Stanton 500 is also a good choice, but Stanton products are no longer being made and supplies are limited.

See below for features & specs.

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  • Plays 78 rpm and micro-groove (33 & 45 rpm) recordings
  • Plays discs up to 14" in diameter (16" w/optional Transcribe Arm)
  • Variable Speed Control enables playback at any speed from 26-54 rpm & 62-94 rpm
  • 10 individual speed settings
  • Standard Cartridge Headshells
  • Variable Anti-skating control
  • Vertical/Lateral Switch included
  • High-torque, Direct Drive, Quartz Locked Motor
  • Plays in reverse
  • Cue Lever and Start Switch
  • Built-in Stylus Lamp
  • Built-in Holder for spare headshell
  • Hinged Dust Cover included

Transcribe Tonearm Specifications

  • 13", static balance, S-shaped, tubular arm (effective length, 10.04")
  • Spindle to Pivot Distance: 9.45"
  • Overhang: 0.59"
  • Offset Angle: 21 degrees
  • Tracking Error: +1.5/-1.0 degrees
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sensitivity: 20 mg
  • Height Adjustment: 1.5-2.4"
  • Tracking Force Calibration Range: 0-3 gm
  • Anti-Skating Range: 0-3 gm
  • Cable Capacitance: 225 pF
  • Cable Harness Length: 45"
  • Mounting Hole: 1.25"
  • Cartridge Weight Range: 4.5-10.5 gm
  • Headshell: Magnesium with oxygen-free copper Litz wire