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Nauck's Vintage Records Gift Cards
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Nauck's Vintage Records Gift Cards

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As any serious collector will attest, no gift rises to the level of a long sought after recording. But how are you going to know what your beloved collector wants, or where to find it?

That's why a Nauck's Gift Card is the ideal choice for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or any other holiday worth celebrating. They may be used towards anything we sell, including audio products, Disc-O-Files, books, collector supplies and yes, even auction winnings!

Nauck Gift Cards look like small records and come inside genuine Disc-O-File record sleeves. They may be ordered in any amount, they never expire and any unused funds remain on the card until the total card value is exhausted. They need not be turned in when redeemed and will double as drink coasters or nifty display items.

When you enter the amount you wish to have loaded on your gift card (say $100), your shopping cart will say you have ordered one hundred $1 cards. In actuality, you will be receiving one $100 card. Sorry about that, it's a software configuration issue we simply don't have time to deal with!


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