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Little Wonder Records and Bubble Books


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Tim Brooks w/Merle Sprinzen

Paperback, 7” x 10", 232 pp w/illustrations

Collectors have long been intrigued by Little Wonder. They look like children's records, but the repertoire is largely popular hits of the day. Priced at just a dime each, they caused an uproar in a complacent recording industry, and they sold by the millions. In 1917, Little Wonder was joined by another diminutive disc line, made for the Harper-Bubble Book albums - the first children's book-and-record series. Brooks and Sprinzen pull back the curtain to reveal the often-turbulent story behind these labels and the people who produced them, in a richly illustrated and carefully documented history. The discography is the most detailed ever published on these records. It identifies the anonymous performers (which included Al Jolson, the California Ramblers, and other major stars of the day), and holds many surprising new discoveries including picture discs, a recording by presidential candidate Warren G. Harding, and an elusive group of operatic recordings issued only in Italy!


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