The Plaza-ARC Discography, Volume 1: US Issues (Matrices 5001-11082), 1922-31 View larger

The Plaza-ARC Discography, Volume 1: US Issues (Matrices 5001-11082), 1922-31


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Billie Thomas & Allan Sutton

Hard Cover, 7" x 10", 600 pp w/illustrations

Here is a complete and properly documented discography covering Banner, Regal, Domino, Oriole, Jewel, and the many other dime-store and mail-order labels produced by the Plaza–Regal–Scranton group and its successor, the American Record Corporation. In compiling this volume, Sutton has merged surviving file data with five decades of research and first-hand observations of the original discs by the late Billie Thomas and other notable collectors.

Beginning with an illustrated history of the labels and companies involved, the discography goes on to provide details of matrices 5001-11082 (plus renumbered outside matrices and control-number-only issues.) Overall, more than 22,000 US issues are documented, including non-Plaza/ARC pressings from Plaza/ARC masters. Discographic data includes recording dates and locations, remake sessions, release dates, take numbers, accompanists and band vocalists, artist aliases, control and outside master numbers, composer credits, and more. The volume ends with artist, title, accompanist & vocalist, control number, and outside matrix number indexes, as well as an extensive annotation of discrepancies and errors found in previously published works. This is a major discographical achievement, and an essential volume in any recorded sound library.


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